Our Story

The sport of bowling looks much different today than it did years ago due to the improvements in equipment and lane technology. Two Canton residents have had the opportunity to experience the changes that have taken place in the bowling industry first hand are Don and Jeff Crawford. Don and Jeff have been Canton's ambassadors to bowling for many years.

In 1967 Don became part owner in the existing business Murhl Lanes and sole owner in 1973 at which time he changed the name to Town and Country Lanes. The bowling center consisted of eight lanes and was equipped with Brunswick automatic machines. In 1993 automatic scoring was put in and in 1997 Don sold the business to his son Jeff who is still actively running the business today.

Just a little history for you history buffs; The first 300 game at Town and Country Lanes was bowled by Larry Heyden in 1995 and Kelly Eilers has also thrown a perfect game and had the first ever 800 series at the lanes when he rolled an 807 in 2001. Jeff Crawford has had numerous perfect games to his credit and has the highest series ever bowled on his lanes when he threw an 849.